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When looking to buy a car, you can go for a used one to save. Used vehicles come in a range of prices and can provide comparable performance to their new counterparts. Majority of new cars experience a depreciation of about 30 percent in their first year. Thus, purchasing a one-year used car will help you to save a significant amount on the upfront costs. The only exception to this rule is luxury cars. These cars tend to hold their value even when used. Therefore, finding them at a bargain can be quite difficult. This is also true when out looking for a great deal on a Toyota Camry.


To get the best price for a used vehicle, it is important to compare the options you have. Use the internet to find out the costs of the used vehicles you are interested in. You can also stop by local dealerships to find out how much they are selling the used cars models you are interested in.


But the buying price is not the only cost you should consider. Apart from the price, check the overall cost of owning the vehicle. When the vehicle is in your name, you will have to deal with costs related to maintenance and repair, insurance, fueling and so on. These costs should be factored before you decide on the car model to choose.


Size of Engine

The fuel economy of a vehicle mainly depends on its engine size. Smaller engines are generally more fuel efficient than larger ones since they burn less fuel. However, do not simply buy a small engine car for the sake of it. Think of how you will be using the car. If you only want a machine to be driving to and from work, then a small engine car would be ideal. However, the car will not be fuel efficient when you drive it at high speed, perhaps because you are going to a different town. The high speed will make the engine burn more fuel to keep the car moving.


Petrol vs. Diesel

Generally, petrol cars are cheaper than diesel ones.  While diesel engines are often more fuel efficient than petrol ones, the cars tend to be expensive. Moreover, the price of diesel is also usually higher than that of petrol. In the grand scheme of things, petrol cars are a better option if you are looking to save.


The above are two things you should consider when you want to save on buying a used vehicle. Look up maitland Toyota online to know more about the options that are available to you. 


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